Mando Project

Lafourche Ph. La

The Mando Prospect will test a down-thrown 3-way closure with an Amplitude and AVO that conform to structure. The primary objective, the UL-1 sand, produces in the adjacent fault block to the North. This productive UL-1 fault block produced 1.7 BCF and 114 MBC from the Apache Plaisance #1 (sec 6 17S 21E). The calculated condensate yield, 67 BC/MMCF, was utilized in the reserve estimation.  Two wells down-dip of the amplitude, on the same structure, provide sand control. The Manti Trees #1 (sec 42 18s 21E) well is the only well to run an e-log over the prospective sand. The Westland #1 (sec 48 18S 21E), did not log this sand with an e-log, but has a mud log over the interval.
Well PTD
Well Type
Primary Objectives
-14,500’ TVD (pressured)
Down-thrown 3 way with AMP/AVO
UL-1, UL-2

Reserve Potential

UL-1 sand (AMP/AVO) 160 acres x 40’ft. net pay x 2,000 Mcf/ac-ft = 12.8 BCF and 857 MBC
UL-2 sand 265 acres x 15’ft. net pay x 2,000 Mcf/ac-ft = 8.0 BCF and 160 MBC
20.8 BCF and 1 MMBC

Anticipated Flow Rate

UL-1 – 835 BCPD and 12,500 MCFD


Forza Operating


Sec. 24, 25-18S-21E, Lafourche Ph., LA

Lease Status


Key Wells

Manti Trees #1
Westland #1
Apache Plaisance #1
Sec. 42-18S-21E
Sec. 48-18S-21E
Sec. 6-17S-21E

Anticipated Costs

$ 5.94 MM Drill & Evaluate (est.)
$ 3.55 MM Completion/Hookup (est.)
$ 9.49 MM Total

Project Contacts

New Horizon Oil and Gas, llc. (225) 803-4494 Jarrod McGehee (Geology)
Forza Operating (281) 744-6127 Ronnie Montgomery (Operations/Land)
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