Alligator Lake Prospect

Cameron Parish, LA

The single well prospect will test a down-thrown 3-way closure with an excellent Amplitude with AVO that conforms to structure. The primary objective is a Siph Davisi sand with an expected thickness of 100’ or more. Two similar AMP/AVO anomalies have produced in the area. The first of these analogs is the LLOG – Nunez et al #1 well which is 1.5 miles away and is productive in the Siph Davisi 1 sand. This well made 8.2 BCF and 180 MBC in three years of production. The second analog is the Manti #1 “Bird Island Discovery” well which is 8.5 miles away and is productive in the Cris R sand. This well made 11.5 BCF and 228 MBC, also in only three years of production. The high deliverability potential of this prospect coupled with a relatively short production life creates a high present value of the projected income stream vis-à-vis most wells, as the value is very front-end loaded.

The closest sand control on trend is the KB Exploration #1 well in sec 20 14S 3W with 185’ of net sand. The next closest well to the prospect on trend is the Nestor #1 well in sec 20 of 14S 3W with 120’ of net sand.

The prospect is located on localized structural high at the inflection point of an arcuate fault bend which is both parrellel to and immediately downthrown to a large growth fault with excellent growth history through the objective section. Additionally, the prospect is located in a sub-regional low between the positive features of Pecan Lake Field and White Lake Field, which should create an excellent depositional center immediately downthrown to the large growth fault.
Well PTD
Well Type
Primary Objectives
-13,750’ TVD 
Down-thrown 3 way with AMP/AVO
Barge rig, Straight Hole
Siph Davisi
LA Oil Drilling Investment

Reserve Potential

Marg A 4 sand (AMP/AVO) 80 acres x 30’ ft. net pay x 1,800 Mcf/ac-ft = 4.3 BCF and 86 MBC
Siph Davisi sand (Main Obj.) 112 acres x 70’ft. net pay x 2,000 Mcf/ac-ft = 15.7 BCF and 345 MBC
20 BCF and 431 MBC

Anticipated Flow Rate

Siph Davisi – 15 MMCFPD and 330 BCPD


Sulphur River Exploration, Inc.


Sec. 14-14S-3W, Cameron Ph., LA

Lease Status

Private - Miami Corp.

Key Wells

Nestor Pet. #1
KB Exploration #1
Sec. 16-14S-3W
Sec. 20-14S-3W
Sec. 20-14S-3W

Anticipated Costs

$ 6.23 MM Drill & Evaluate (est.)
$ 2.26 MM Completion/Hookup (est.)
$ 8.49 MM Total

Project Contacts

New Horizon Oil and Gas, llc.
Jarrod McGehee (Geology)  
(225) 803-4494
Frank Erwin 
(281) 627-1601 (Land)

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